How to play

Click on a tower in the shop then, click on a green (available) spot on the map to place it.

Click on a placed tower to upgrade it with the side menu that will appear.

Your health is indicated on the bottom right of the screen. Don't get it to 0!


Mouse wheel up/down - Zoom in/out

Arrow keys - Camera movement

1 - Canon tower

2 - Income generator tower

4 - Upgrade

Escape - Pause menu


This short project was made during the world's biggest VR and AR exhibition : Laval Virtual. We were three second-year Computer Sciences students to make this game under 16 hours.

Antisocial Exhibitor 2017 - why this name though? Our game is based on the Tower Defense genre. In the regular version, monsters appear in groups and walk to your base following a defined path. On the sides of the path, the player places towers to kill the monsters before they reach them. For our game, we used the map of Laval Virtual exhibition - white spots were actual stands! Thus, we used visitors models as the “enemies” and our stand as the base. Now, do you get the name?

Thanks for playing and beat as many waves as you can!

PS: If you look closely, some animations are a bit.. twisted, literally. We didn't have much time to fix this bug and it looked quite funny so we let it be for the sake of it :)

Updated 11 days ago
AuthorThomas Foucault
Made withUnity
TagsTower Defense

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