How to play

Beat as many monster waves as you can! After a few waves on the first level, you will reach the next one, so don't give up!


Important: The game is mapped for QWERTY keyboards. For French fellows with an AZERTY keyboard, you can use arrow keys or switch to QWERTY mode by pressing Shift+Alt.

w-a-s-d / z-q-s-d / Arrow keys - Move the character

x - Shoot

c - Teleport through plugs

Ctrl - Crouch

Space bar - Jump


Elison is a game that was made for the Global Game Jam 2017 by a team of 6 students in 48 hours. This year's theme was "waves", which our game relates with electricity and monster waves.

In the game, you are playing a mysterious boy that controls electricity and use it to defend himself against mutants abandoned in a secret laboratory.

Thanks for playing and beat as many waves as you can!

Release date Jan 29, 2017
AuthorsThomas Foucault, Pandamnesik, Delvatron
Made withUnity
Tagsggj17, Global Game Jam
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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